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Tuesday, 26 February 2013


The High Commission of India in Ottawa has announced that as of Mar. 1, 2013, M/s BLS International will be responsible for accepting applications for Indian Passports, Visa's, PIO Cards, OCI Cards and other Consular Services from applicants residing in Canada. 

The last date for operations by M/s VFS Global, the current application processor, is Feb. 28, 2013.

All applications must be filled out online at and submitted to the following addresses:

Ottawa - 150 Montreal Road, Unit 311
Montreal – 1000, Sherbrook Steet West, Unit 701
Toronto – 1448 Lawrence Avenue E, Unit 6 A
Brampton - 10 Gillingham Drive , Unit 201
Winnipeg – 1806, 201 Portage Avenue, 18th Floor
Surrey - Unit 201-8140 120th Street
Calgary – 5120, 47 St NE # 131
Vancouver – Unit B-50, 850 West Hastings Street
Edmonton – 3, 10016, 29a Avenue NW

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Anonymous • 2014-07-19
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Kartik • 2014-07-11
@Soumi Kapil: Based on what evidence have you concluded this? The repercussions are high and not only BLS this leads back to Indian High commissions as to why they approved BLS and yet a non Indian based company-VFS global was shown the door due to the same issue (confidential information maintained by a non-Indian company).

Bhaskaran • 2014-07-10
For Indian Visa

soumi kapil • 2014-07-06
I suspect BLS india not able to keep clients info confidential and those info is used to cheat client. the people who fraud has every single info including home address, ph no everything, its concerning and scary. i would prefer any other way to submit application for OCI card as i find BLS india is not safe at all

tsering • 2014-07-04
Hi, Very bad experience with BLS Brampton.I applied for my visa by fed express ( was told by the call centre rep. that it was faster by mail and not to worry, I even mentioned when I am travelling, he was like no problems)well fex express sent 25th june no visa till today losing 1000 dollars for the flight ticket plus all the stress and just feel bad that you are mislead by someone that you trusted will do the job.Went to the consulate and they told me that if I had done in person, I would have got the visa already.It is such a frustration with holiday planned, vacation taken, friends and family expecting in India. Everything just didn't happen its a real shame. Flight on Sunday nothing can done, its a real disappointment.

Rita • 2014-06-25
Hi, My experience renewing my indian passport. I'm a Canadian PR and my husband Canadian citizen. We moved to Detroit since my husband got a job there and when we were crossing the border the officer noticed that my passport expires in 16days and i had to get one before that to be legally staying in US. I have a 20month old baby and my husband cann't take leave so i had to do something to get this fixed. I approached BLS toronto and asked them if it can be done tatkal and they refused. BLS people have very non-professional attitude. I went to Indian embassy Toronto & met the officer and he refused and was too rude.There at the embassy, I asked the gentleman who gives us the token(sorry forgot the name)to enquire whether something can be done. He suggested me to come next day and meet Consulate General(Mr Singh). I had no hope but want to give it a try. I met Mr Singh,a humble gentleman told my situation and he gave me a new passport next day. Just wanted to share for others.

Anil Rao • 2014-06-15
Staff at Brampton office are not at all courteous. Rather they have not left their desi attitude. They know the whole procedure as it is their day to day work. Atill they prefer to show their rudeness and superiority. They don't smile as if they have been specifically told not to!!! AND please don't listen to staff if they say that 'There is no pick up of PP and you have to pay for courier'. They are 100% lying. Fight for your right & expose them ..... they are cheating people as they are believing them. I have been to so many consulates, but sorry to say OURS is worst. Hope someone will take interest & it will be taken care of.

Kartik • 2014-06-15
I was very sceptical after reading all the comments about BLS Montreal. Knowing all that, I prepared well (so I thought). I made copies all possible docs they can ask. Filled the respective forms. Ensured that I have everything by reading web pages of BLS and HCI-Ottawa. I reached the BLS office and alas I was told I cannot submit as I am missing a doc. This doc was not mentioned any where on the website. I mentioned this, but all I got was "come again". No sorry, nothing that we will get it fixed etc. I went back again. Thankfully, this time I had to deal with another person. All docs were in place. I pointed out that this is my second and the reason. This person did apologized, mentioned that they are aware of the problem and have notified the main office already, but they are behind in taking necessary action. After that I had to visit a few more time due to the procedure, but met with courteous staff. Take home msg:Pl read and bring ALL the docs, give respect and don't loose calm

pardeep • 2014-06-03
i need to renew my indian passport • 2014-05-12
Nice respond within return of this issue with genuine arguments and explaining the whole thing concerning that.

Bsingh • 2014-05-07
Very Rude and unprofessional : at least one lady was so rude and loud. Everyone coming to the counter has something missing. She was as so loud that everyone in the vicinity knew what was missing. Sir, we need both your divorce documents and Ma'am we need authority from both if your kids fathers. And sir you could be a refugee as you don't have your landing paper, so no OCI for you. All this broadcasted to all who were within 20 feet. Some were embarrassed just listening.myhink if the poor people out on spot.

Naty Delbridge • 2014-05-05
Mahida, Rajendrasinh, my client is needing to renew his Indian Passport, along with his wife's passport. Please send us the actual application form that he needs to fill out and the document checklist. Thank you for your time. I would also appreciate if you can provide me with your phone number to which I can call if I have any questions. Naty

benoit • 2014-04-29
Oh boy!!!! Montreal BLS has lots of issues.....all these comments are really very shameful and after reading these comments I am alert for my tomorrow's trip to this shallow place.

Joshna • 2014-04-28
i hate BLS montreal.illegal practices of money is being practiced over here.they take money for xerox and keep it for their personal use without entering in the system.Pls High commission ,chk this fraud and save the ppl.

Eliza • 2014-03-18
Fed up with the services and the comments about montreal office.Really very shame to see such an office in Canada.I wonder how the BLS management and the Embassy refuses to see all the comments here and not trying to understand people's emotions.Very pathetic.

Nish • 2014-03-13
not sure whom should i blame.... over 6 weeks now after submitting application for passport renewal and not received. CGI has no answere and also BLS has no answere... what to do now

Zack Z • 2014-03-08
In the US we need to file a class action lawsuit against BLS for committing fraud and playing with people's emotions. They have an office in Houston where they do not reply to your emails or phone calls and keep asking for additional money to send your passport back to you after keeping it for over 45 days. These people money hungry rude fuckers who should be brought to justice. After 45 days and over $500 spent and made me drive 400 miles round trip 3 times for something I could sent and received in the mail they gave me the passport back without a visa. They did not even provide a reason for rejecting the application for a visit visa to go attend a family event.

Firooza • 2014-03-01
Excellent. I needed to surrender my Indian passport and apply for OCI. Everything was done professionally and quickly. Impressed by the friendly and efficient customer service.

navreet • 2014-02-26
US already cancelled their contract. So big relaxation for US residents BLS will soon be closed over there. I wish very soon we canadians will also be relieved from this hopeless agency!!!!

Naresh • 2014-02-26
Efficient, ready to go extra mile, knowledgeable and polite staff at Edmonton now compare to previous staff. I am proud that these are also Indian origin people, and doing right. Nilesh and Asshis Sevak were really cooperative. Due to harassment and attitude of previous staff on my name difference i.e. dropped father's name to Canadian passport. Indian passport name was written in full including father's name and as per those previous staff that is my legal name. I spent four weeks of time and finally dropped my idea to apply for visa, but due to these new staff I feel proud that there are still some good people who are diligent for their service. I hope best for those to gentlemen who influenced me to be proud of India.

steve • 2014-02-25
Applied for VISA Februady 14, 2014 in person at Montreal location Specified pick up of VISA once contacted Now realized was inapproriately charged extra $20 for courrier service that I declined BULLSHIT!!!!!

Claire • 2014-02-21
Fully dissatisfied with BLS Montreal service.I really do not understand how the Indian Government has given contract to such cheap people who do not even to manage the business.This is my humble request to the Indian Embassy,Pls cancel the contract.They are ripping off the people's money.they dont care abt the quality.such ppl should not be in Corporate world.

Sharon • 2014-02-21
Well I have had the pleasure of visiting this office (1448 Lawerence) on Sat Feb 15. This is my first visit to India, I was number #50, very excited. I was there from 8:30am until 3pm..that was when my #50 got called. After many crying kids, frustrated family and CSRs who really don't care about my time and people's discomfort - #50 was called. The people still waiting was so happy they clapped. But what happens after 4pm, I wonder? Yep - those people will have to come another day and do this all over again. This is not acceptable in Canada - what part of cramp office, no washroom, no order, no communications aside from the check in counter guy saying "you should make an appointment" is this an improvement? What era are you living in? I hate to think what is was before. What is a goverment office with out working phones, customer service etc this is where my $92 went? I feel very sorry for seniors having no choice. This is sad and wrong on so many levels!Someone needs to be accountable

Suzie • 2014-02-21
My experience was horrible with BLS Montreal!!! I don't know on what basis the Indian consulate has given these creeps contract. I think they don't want people to visit their country.

Suzie • 2014-02-21
After reading all these comments here I am surprised why Indian government is not taking any action on these people or they should cancel the contract how could they be so carefree about this serious issue. Seriously I don't know where to complain and what action should I take.

jp • 2014-02-21
So far the experience have been a nightmare. Some guy sitting in MONTREAL is reviewing my son's application, which is fine only if they were efficient. This guy has poor English, poor grammar and on top of that only emails once a day! He has requested to send the same document 3 times now in different format and when I asked to process things fast I didn't even hear back from him!! I need to escalate this or I won't be able to fly with my son outside country on the 16th and I am moving countries which is a stressful event in itself!!

Roger • 2014-02-21
Another hopeless agency to deal with.... BLS is being managed by a man who doesn't know what he is doing.... Completely lost... what do you expect ? I think the Embassy of India should start doing this work at ottawa... like before... they can do a better job and save money.... There is a girl who looks like never even went to High School... well, you get what you pay.... has a bad attitude and treat you like s...t. What ever BLS does that reflects the Embassy of India ...

JP • 2014-02-18
Can anyone pls. guide me to the link to obtain OCI forms. I have checked everywhere. Thanks

Lothar Landsberg • 2014-02-13
I am totally unsatisfied with the non-service and constant excuses supplied by your institution. I am trying to get application picked by your courier service since January 20, 2014. The package has not been picked up and we are constantly told, they are busy. I deal with Purolator on a daily basis and when I phone to get a parcel picked up, it is within 3 hours that someone comes and picks it up.

jomon • 2014-02-11
I live in Calgary, AB. Where do I need to go, to get a legal document of mine, attested, by Indian embassy?

Anu bajaj • 2014-02-08
Efficient work seen on behalf of BLS I can now track the status on the website. Hope everything gets done on time and I can have the passport back on time.

Gomes • 2014-02-08
☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺Thanks a lot bls, have received the OCI card with passport. ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺ Just wanted to share my happiness on receiving the OCI card from bls, I have finally made it after 3 months of struggle and tension. All thumbs up.

Nirjara • 2014-02-08
Services improving at bls finally, no more beating our heads with the helpline guys, more of competent staff has been hired now as compared to my last trip to there centre, I'm assuming that the application of my son will not be treated the way mine was dealt with. Good luck :)

Shankar • 2014-02-06
I guess it's 5 working days at the Consulate General of India.

Mukesh • 2014-02-06
Sincere thanks to Meliza, Huge and Mr Cannes for the expedite process, I believe that you've gone beyond the limits to make it possible for me to travel next week. Thanks Bls I apprecaite the work and all your help.

Saloni • 2014-02-06
BLS is a complete professionla organization. most of the below comments surprises me as why people are writting bad about them. I have been fortunate to deal with them as all the members of my family have received the visa on time.

Kevin • 2014-02-06
Wanted to share mixed reaction that I've observed at the centre bls Few staff is so bad that they don't even talk properly, but the lady with whom I dealt later was so knowledgeable and polite that all my concerns were resolved. It's a suggestion to replace every staff with Meliza who helped me.

Nadia • 2014-02-06
I don't know about other centers guys but please do come and visit MONTREAL OFFICE, Service is horrible, Staff has no skills.......C'mon BLS it's Canada please maintain some standards. I visited to other agencies earlier never had problem......once went to agency for China Visa I was amazed at their efficiency and services and look at these people.....Please learn something from other countries don't represent your country with such people it brings bad name to it!!!! Was reading other posts in this forum that "SALES" thing is really funny, lady over their tried to trap me in it today but cud not LMAO!!!!

Steve • 2014-02-06
Hey guys, Do u know if Bls Toronto update online status or send you an email with fedex tracking number when they send the passport with visa back to you? I applied 2 weeks ago and my online status still says processing at the consulate...... Kinda worried now Thanks anyways

Sim • 2014-02-05
I've handed my indian visa on Monday, I check the tracking number and it says ...Processing at Consulate General From people's experiences, can someone tell me how long it will take to receive.. My ticket for India is feb 11 I went to the BLS-Brampton Office

Henry • 2014-02-05
Yes.Its right.Montreal office is not aiming at Quality service but to increase their so called 'Sales' by increasing the revenue.Even I have heard their conversation once otherwise their job is at stake.So poor.They have not trained the staffs properly and even the staffs doesn't seem to learn and work.They come to the office,chit & chat,increase the revenue.Thats it.Such a poor Management,Unqualified staffs overall,BLS Montreal is ripping off the people's money.......

Canbhagat • 2014-02-05
Hey guys, How long do you think it takes them to issue indian passport renunciation surrender certificate? I kinda applied for it at bls Toronto couple of weeks back and the online status still says processing at consulate general. Appreciate your responses. Thanks

Kiranankar • 2014-02-04
I have receive the renewed passport. Thanks you all who helped me in the process. It was smooth to deal with.

Mia nicker • 2014-02-04
The overall service is very appreciable if i remove the call centre guys who are so difficult to deal with. I would suggest you guys to please improve in the customer support as well,

Bhaskaran • 2014-02-04
Appreciable service delivered by BLS. I am so happy to receive the passport on time. My project was about to end I was getting worried about my legal status in us. Thanks for making my worries vanish.

Bharti khosla • 2014-02-04
Exceptional the oci is transferred within a month. Remarkable service. Will write good things about you in social media.

Upendra upadhyay • 2014-02-04
I applied for my passport renewal at SF Indian consulate. Best experience ever. Tracking email links work smoothly. I do not know why people are writting bad about BLS, On both the ocassions I havebeen treated on priority. Thanks bls

Sinhakaa • 2014-02-03
Hi All just received my passport with the visa. Had a great experience with BLS with so many ups and down's. But it was great to deal with. Thanks bls

Nazat noor • 2014-02-03
I want to thank BLS for the expedite work in the application of my family. It was a great experience and all paper words are now complete and in my possession. Thanks

Piyush • 2014-02-03
My passport has been renewed and i am so relieved as this was the only document I had with me as proof of my identity, thanks to all who helped me in the process including bls to whom the application was sent

mial d'souza • 2014-02-03
Excellent service provide by this third party bls services I am satisfied with the services received. I hope the passport and the visa arrives on time

peter • 2014-02-03
bls needs to improve their communication system, it's really hard to get in touch with a person. Other than that the system is quite descent and i wish you all the luck

RAJ • 2014-02-02
Hi i want to apply for my 1yrs daughters viza to go india for 6month they said i can get 5yrs viza but dont know what type of viza i have to apply and how i can download the application form online please need help thanks

Annie Ringuette • 2014-01-31
I will ask Quebec language police to investigate these people they wrote me this back to my inquiry........Like R u serious none in your office speaks french??? BULSHITTT!!!! RE: demande de visa [] Sent: 8:04 am To: Annie Ringuette Dear Applicant, can you please send us an email in English so that we can serve you better and correctly? Thanks & Regards, BLS Montreal BLS International Services Canada Inc.| Email: Please consider the environment before printing this email

Asha • 2014-01-29
I went to bls office and guess what the staff was talking among themselves that their officers are pressurising them to do more "sales" otherwise their job is at stake, I was like how could they do SALES and was shocked to hear whole conversation the term "sales" was referred to rip of people yes you heard me right............rejecting applicants pictures, applications and forcing them to use their services example for filling form they charge $15 OMG!!!! and list is long.......and above that other thing was "courier" they were forcing people that their passports will be sent back via courier for $20 when I asked from embassy lady lied to me yes madam but I saw her packing passports in front of me when I exposed her for this she tried to be very rude with me . It is my humble request to Indian embassy please do not spoil your reputation by hiring such a cheap company wake up!!! and kick them out and please make our lifes better. At that point I felt soo bad that I cannot explain .

Geneviθve • 2014-01-24
Completly agrees with you Peter; Montreal staff sucks!! I am shocked to see such people doing customer service job.... Cannot understand french well..... Cannot communicate in English properly.... Damn Lazy always try to push you out of the office.... The reason why I need to go throw these bunch of jokers is that I need visa for some buisness issues otherwise would have never gone throw such pathetic people......if anyone really reads these comments a humble request to please bring some good people to your office stop being cheap BLS .....don't represent your country like this

Geneviθve • 2014-01-24

peter • 2014-01-23
BLS Montreal Sucks.Pathetic service.

Ravi Menon • 2014-01-22
Rohit , normally you have to get the check list done properly, there are still certain hiccups. If you are able to go in person that is the best.When you ask a call centre person he says fees for OCI is 280, but for Vancouver it is only 278, not very many people know that. The extra 2 dollars go to BLS, this is only for Vancouver jurdistiction. These also only ask for notarized copies but ask you to add courier, When you ask them why, the answer is to sent the originals back after verification. Where does the originals come when you send an attested copy?The recording of landing is itself a copy , no notary would attest it, hence you have to send originals.In the end you end up sending originals and attested copies to be on the safer side. Overall the service is good. We need to read the instructions carefully and confirm with someone in their office before payment.Hope this helps

BABU SARVEPALLI • 2014-01-21
I want to renew my two daughters' passports on 28 jan 2014.PL advice me

Shankar • 2014-01-21
BABU SARVEPALLI please visit the below link and you can check the details of process for passport renewal:

Shankar • 2014-01-21
Pinky, you can check the BLS order form and can then calculate the fee from there. Here' the link for the order form:

Nettie Kilba • 2014-01-21
I have been trying to speak to someone for 2 weeks.'Do we pay taxes on the full amount of our tourist visas $71.40?? On our printed forms there is a blank for hotel of stay in India. "H" is not on the form we complete online. Why does it appear on the printed, completed form if not on the other? Someone lost their previous passport so does not have the visa # of last visit to India7ESW - can he put in the visa # of a previous visit to India? Thanks for any help you can give as soon as possible.

Ravi Menon • 2014-01-21
I had written earlier about the experience I had while applying for Visa last year. The main problem was the address was mentioned wrong and it had travelled to other provinces before I got them back. The service in Vancouver especially has imporved a lot. They are in the process of assigning new numbers and hence it might sound engaged. If you send an email they will contact you in 72 hours for sure if the mail is sent in the correct format specified.The staff is also very cordial. The main issue why people write negative comments is probably when they try to rush the system without properly reading what is in the website. Updating of information needs more clarification. For example "In Transit from BLS to Consulate " means nothing and if stays active for a long period of time will cause concerns.BLS office and Consulate are very close.

Ravi Menon • 2014-01-21
If you are comouter literate then there is no point calling BLS over the phone, the call centre people in India tell you exactly the same thing you found out on the website when you give them your passport number for reference. Send an email to them in the correct format and information on the subject line. Normally you get a reply in 72 hours either through email or your phone if given.The Indian consulate normally process the applications quite quickly. Delay is noticed in BLS office to send documents to the Consulate. This is mainly due to high volume of applications.I submitted my OCI application on 6th September but it was opened by BLS on 15 October and the gentle man told my friend that it is due to high volume. Very understandable.I have found the BLS service quite good. My friend got back his passports after getting visa sticker in 5 days, that is commendable.

Ravi Menon • 2014-01-21
The intital hiccups with BLS is over. They are doing the job in a professional manner. All we have to do is to plan our trip prior to travel.In certain cases the process may take long.If you need emergency visa , then go to the consulate and they will oblige.Complaining about small things about change while paying cash is immature.You enter a translink bus in BC you have to pay exact change. You do not brood over such issues.VFS was also doing a good job but charging 25 dollars per passport.Keep up the good work BLS.

pinky • 2014-01-17
i don't understand why these people have to ask for exact amount of money when accepting payment by cash. If so they should be able to keep change in there cash tills otherwise specify on their website. This way we will bring the exact amouunt of cash for the payment.

Rosy • 2014-01-17
The washrooms are in pathetic condition in surrey. Can't believe there is no soap to wash your hands. How unhygienic is that??? On top there is only one washroom for both males and females.............

Rohit • 2014-01-16
This company is absolutely rediculous. My passport got damaged due to water and I applied for new one in the category of lost and damaged. I attached all the necessary documents as per the checklis published on their website. After sending application I waited for 15 days and I received my application back . The resone the gave is one of the document missing and here it comes another list of documents. the documents which they were asking was for passport damaged before 6 months althogh my passport is damaged recently. They ha encashed my money order and given a reasone that its not refundable. In total I lost more than $230+ (168 for app + 60 courier. When I am trying to call them, no one pics up the phone and no one replies to email. What can I do?

Raja • 2014-01-16
BLS Office in Calgary is probably the worst. Some one smashed the glass window and now they have put sheets of plywood. Not a very good image of an outlet providing counselor services for India.

Lewi • 2014-01-10
I disagree with most of the comment here, the system they have is quiet good. I've seen better process as well like for japan but even this is not bad. I will support them in this and hope that they improve to be even better.

KIma • 2014-01-10
Thank you BLS for the work in my case, I can now check the status online. Please get it processed soon.

Rick • 2014-01-10
Good work BLS, thanks for getting things on time and making it easy for me. I can now apply fo my other visas as well. DO you also process the Pakistani visa and for Iran, please let me know.

Danish • 2014-01-10
Thank you bls for the help and support I guess I was wrong in concluding the pre determined image that you guys are inefficent and will not be able to survive.

Jacob • 2014-01-10
Thanks bls received my pio last night. See you guys in India

Sunday • 2014-01-10
Funny but coool, Mr sunday got his visa on Thursday. Thanks for help, specially Mr Michael and the held desk.

Meinadjack • 2014-01-10
While negative feedback should be given privately, positive feedback should be given publicly. Do it in front of as large a group as appropriate. Thanks for your Help BLS much apprecaited.

Annie • 2014-01-10
♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Lots of love for bls, thanks for the confirmation about our doubts and now we can travel with these passports and the visa.

Morgan • 2014-01-10
Who else need assurance check the latest update from the Embassy of India which states that the BLS in running/operating on standard basis. Great Jobs bls

Lee with all • 2014-01-10
Heard that you guys are in danger in termms of surving the business here. but disn't felt so when I visited your centre. You're working fine from my point of view. Hope to see you boom in our country. I am an IT expert so if you face any challenge you're welcomed to take my service.

Sarah • 2014-01-10
OMG, the passport is back within 2 days after receiving at bls, thanks a ton , I guess you guys were very helpful towards mu application. Can you please confirm if the renunciation documents and Indian passport is also dispatched. Await your reply Love you BLS

Pam • 2014-01-10
waiting for my passport to be delivered have received for the entire family only mine is missing. I thank bls a lot for the processing but getting nervous for mine please send me the passport. God bless and wissh you luck for future.

Margret • 2014-01-10
I was very afraid about BLS since the time I am analyding this company when it began in july-august. But I see some improvements on the website as well as response received on emails. All my clients are giving feedback that the service is improving.

Mickey • 2014-01-10
services aren't that bad what I heard from my friend Edmond and from other travel sources. It went smooth at the centre may be I am exception but it was nice to deal with.

Jack never fails • 2014-01-10
Although I had to mug my head over the calls that I made and all went in vain, I was able to recover my passport from the office, I thank you all for getting me the 5 year visa, so rry I overreacted in my emails sent to you but I was nervous. No offence and wish you all the luck in future.

Timothy • 2014-01-10
very nice people much better than VFS. One of my best experience with Indian consulate so far...........Wish you guys all the best!!!

Lewis • 2014-01-10
Give me a break, it seems people are just appreciating BLS. I have never seen any company which is so lenient about their work

Rose Marie • 2014-01-10
I am also one of those who had good experience with the BLS and got my passport and visa on time and than you BLS for making my trip to India unforgettable and i ll keep visiting India every six months.

Jenny Diaz • 2014-01-10
I can understand the frustration of people that they are not getting visa on time but guys trust me there are lots of people also who are happy with the service of BLS and got everything on time. I also liked the service of BLS the way they delivering their promises on daily basis.

Simon • 2014-01-09
BLS is not that bad as I heard on various public sites, I went there yesterday and was able to get the application done very smoothly. The system was well organised if I ignore few noise coming from the right hand side room. The staff that handled my case was polite and was well equipped with the information. my questions were handled in a great way. I hope the application gets processed on time and I can go on the scheduled day. Just felt to share my thoughts on the public platform, I was very nervous to go visit BLS but not anymore. Good work :)

Marl • 2014-01-09
Even I believe that BLS is doing a descent Job. I know they're not well organised as per our US standard but yes they're capable. As a business prospective I believe they deserve to be here.

Lewi Hamiltion • 2014-01-09
Hi.i would like to tell u that i also applied for business visa through SFO BLS centre as i applied via post. when the received my application they sent me an email for confirmation and the whole process goes smooth. At the end i forgot to provide the prepaid envelope and same has been informed to me and next day i sent the same. after 4 days i got my passport and via both. I would like to wish them good luck for future.

John Henderson • 2014-01-09
I had a great experience with the BLS for my Employment visa and thank you so much for giving me visa on time so that i joined my company in India on time without any delay. I just want to say thank you so much to BLS for giving me visa on time with good service and user friendly website..Great work

Ricky Jacob • 2014-01-09
Had a great trip to India, It's a beautiful country to visit. Nice people and culture. This was made possible because of BLS who were able to get the visa within 3 days. Thanks a ton for making this possible, my kids are so happy after this trip they are insisting to go again, will consider you again if visa is needed in future.

Jacob martin • 2014-01-09
I just want to say thank you so much to BLS for giving me visa on time with good service and user friendly website..Great work Best of luck in future and keep this memento in future also

Nelson • 2014-01-09
reading the best comments below are from non-Indian and not fluent English. BLS > you are doing a terrible job even in disguise!! You guys are absolutely terrible.

Ram • 2013-12-26
Hi dear sir I have indian passport but I want make Pcc please send me e mail thanks 5877007690

Sharn • 2013-12-21
I had really good experience at bsl office . Got my visa in 3 days and staff was awesum ... Thanks BSL

MAGarland • 2013-12-11
Hello, I am an American and submitted my paper work for a tourist visa back in Edmonton. I have planned business travel this month but no passport. The status is still "Processing at Consulate General" and called only to be put on hold for 3.5hrs as i was 2nd/next in line. Please advise? as i do require my passport for business travel this month, along with holiday travel.

surjit kaur dhillon • 2013-12-09
my tracking no is cano10136413 I am still waiting a phone call from you . its been two months passed and no response yet

Rona weinman • 2013-12-09
I am having trouble with getting a visa for india. I am going on a ship and will be in port blair for 1 day. Please help me. Thanks

YEG • 2013-12-07
Dear Ujas (Ujas • 2013-12-02 I applied for renewal of my passport at edmonton ,they said I will in about 40 business days. Its 60 business days today and status is still "Processing at Consulate General".I need to go to India in December.Due to this slow services I am stuck. Please someone help me what to do?) - PLEASE COME BETWEEN 3-5PM TO EDMONTON OFFICE WILL HELP YOU OUT. AND PLEASE DO NOT WORRY. REGARDS YEG

ashish • 2013-12-07
We submitted the passport of minor for renewal taking long time.passport renewal should not take two month for kids.we where not able to travel .I think you should change the rule for the minors passport renewal time.

armaan • 2013-12-05
I had submitted my application 70 days back for passport renewal at Calgary and status is still at "Processing at Consulate General". I have planned trip for December. I have tried calling the consulate but no answer. Do not know what to do. :(

ujas • 2013-12-02
I applied for renewal of my passport at edmonton ,they said I will in about 40 business days. Its 60 business days today and status is still "Processing at Consulate General".I need to go to India in December.Due to this slow services I am stuck. Please someone help me what to do?

Quasar • 2013-11-30

Rummy • 2013-11-24
Had a really experience at BLS in Brampton . Cheers to the team . Got my visa in 3 days .

Manny • 2013-11-18
Hi dear i have a question i am on a work visa in Vancouver and my passport is going to expire on 4 aug 2014. I WAS wondering when i am eligible to renew my passport and how long its going to take.thanx

Kanwal • 2013-11-16
No words for the service... Ladies working in office were nice but it's just the processing times.. It's been over 2 months since I applied for my passport renewal.. So I tried calling the number given for inquiry .. I was on hold for 3 hrs and guess how many calls were ahead of me.... Just 3.... How can it take 3 hrs for 3 calls... Anyways still no satisfactory answer after that long wait.. NO ONE KNOWS HOW MUCH MORE TIME ITS GONNA TAKE... Dealt with vfs so many times it was ok but this was worst experience just praying to get my passport soon so dat I can go to my son soon... :(

yeg • 2013-11-13
@ Jaldeep please visit the website for the requirements for the PCC at, PASSPORT-POLICE CLEARANCE. Please notarize copy your status in CANADA, and walk in between 8-1:30pm for submission at EDMONTON OFFICE.

sugy • 2013-11-11
do not deal with BLS. I am undergoing trauma trying to get passport renewed thro the group of nincomps called BLS. I have no idea why indian government had to choose this group and wish there was a way to get the government to change them out

alvin marks • 2013-11-08
Dear Sir/Madam After filling in the online tourist visa application, may I send the form with photos by registered mail to you for processing? What address do I send it. Thank you. Alvin Marks

Jaldeep • 2013-11-07
I am living in Edmonton and I want to apply for PCC for India. So for that, I have to send my application to Edmonton Center or Vancouver Center ? Please suggest me. Thank you.

munish kumar • 2013-11-05
I sent an application for police clearence certificate to vancover but they are saying we do not have any record ....and canada post's status is saying its delivered it can possible its already 15 days ...i didnt get any single response ....plz tell me what i hv to do ..i m worried abt my passport

WEGA • 2013-10-30
I got very disappointed when i entered Montreal office.I really had a very bad experience not as mentioned below.I feel VFS worked more professional than BLS

Raja • 2013-10-30
I must commend you for the outstanding service provided by you at BLS India's Montreal office during my visit today Oct 30th, 2013 to apply for my son's PIO Card. It was a pleasure to observe the enthusiasm and dedication with which you discharged your duties, not just for my case, but for the many visitors who came to the office today. As an Indian, I was proud to observe that your friendliness at the visa application processing center was a welcoming first sign for Canadian visitors to India. Regards, Raja Sengupta, PhD

Benoit Gauthier • 2013-10-28
Thank you again (......). Thank God there are a few people like you left....You are pleasant, polite, smiling, you want to help....and you do, that’s the difference between YOU and the rest of people who are board, hate their job, have no imagination, never try to help, are not interested in helping....can’t wait for 5 o’clock or Fridays to get out of the office and be the “same” somewhere else.... Pass this e-mail to your boss (you should be the boss) Capt. Benoit Gauthier Montreal

REGO • 2013-10-25
Went to Montreal office today very nice location, very nice people much better than VFS. One of my best experience with Indian consulate so far...........Wish you guys all the best!!!

Anand Sesadri • 2013-10-18
It is not about Business or whatever you call Corporates or System. It is always about the people working for it.THANK YOU EDMONTON for taking that extra mile AND WALKING WITH US. Do not want to mention the names as this is a public DOMAIN, YOU ARE ADMIRED for the efforts you are putting for the success of BLS and honoring the CONSULATE

Narinder • 2013-10-17
I visited surrey office to collect my son's visa. Service was not upto mark, there was no person at the reception. Only one counter was open although there were more than 100 customers in the office. But the lady on the counter was helpful and she was trying to help as much as she can. I think they lack the proper management. They have the staff but they could not manage the tasks. Passport collection time was 3 to 5, but they started it at 4:30.

John Smith • 2013-10-17
Horrible, horrible service. They keep sending me back again and again. This will be the third visit I pay to them in Brampton. This has to be the WORST company in the world. I can't believe the high commission gave this company responsibility.

Sammie • 2013-10-16
I have been calling BLS a few times inquiring about the passport service and its been a terrible experience to get any correct information from any of the agents who answer the phone. I submitted my passport for renewal and its been a nightmarish expereince to go the Canada office of BLS. Sadly to say its one of the worst service company I have dealt with. The people who work there are rude and unprofessional. It seems like you are in India and people have no value for your time or money. how long does it take to stamp a passport? Why does it take months to validate information which is in Canada. I have my fingers crossed and hope that I recieve my passport before my travel dates. Will keep you posted with any progress......

Yadav • 2013-10-09
Incredible poor service in Montreal

A • 2013-10-09
I applied for PCC (Police Clearance Certificate)14 weeks ago. I have tried calling BLS call centre over and over. every-time they say is to wait a week more. I don't know how much more time do I have to wait? The worst service i have ever seen. It is so frustrating as I have to travel to US and I don't have my passport and I have no idea how much longer they will take.

A • 2013-10-09
Oh come on not Montreal, you should come to Toronto, its is the worst office ever.

Hiten • 2013-10-02
,I have applied for Pcc (Police clearance Certificate) at Bsl International Toronto,Three months earlier and Now It has been over 12 weeks and I still have no response on it whereas I will be having my Visa Interview in the U.S. Embassy soon and I dont have my passport with me. Kindly guide me with the processing status.I am feel so regretful applying at Bsl where as I would have personally went to India by myself wasting 1000s...The most frustrating thing is the way treat costumers like they literally Ignores you badly instead of Helping for the sake of costumer service

Balram • 2013-10-01
I hope BLS Edmonton won't be poor. They won't return you back for some very stupid reason. I hope they understand how difficult it is for ordinary folks to come to BLS office from their work! I will put my experience again once I get the service from them.

Praveen • 2013-09-28
exemplary and stupendous service, Edmonton BLS ladies, i can guarantee, no one will recognize or acknowledge you people, but for the effort you are putting in for this company, we are falling for you. Thank you so much for your smiles and enthuse to help people is making a mark in the community. Kudos Ms K.

Phillius • 2013-09-27
What kind of lawyer is he? I have been searching for a specific type.

BLS • 2013-09-21
Dear Dwayne Jones, please visit, would like to know which part of the country you are from. East Coast or West. If you write back with your appropriate email will contact you with in 24hrs, sorry for the inconvenience occurred to you, but we are working hard by all means to rectify the service. Please respond, and you will attended and offered.

Dwayne Jones • 2013-09-20
Simply unbelievably poor service. Website is beyond pathetic with multiple links that do not function that apparently do have valuable information to complete the process for a business VISA. 250 km round trip to the office from my residence and could not complete all the requirements. 60 minutes in line only to restart the process again and stand in line again for 30 minutes to be told another form had to be filled out that duplicated the electronic submission. Start early to apply --like 6 months in advance and plan on not having your passport.----I travel 3 weeks a month outside the country. This is a no win and incredibly frustrating.

Manpreet • 2013-09-18
Its now 9 weeks since I surrender my passport for citizenship renouncing .The status is the same.I feel like contacting consulate or writing to the PM of india.

charan • 2013-09-18
Very poor service in montreal

Chander Khosla • 2013-09-14
I concur, one of the poorest help line and service No one picks up the phone. I am calling at 8:35 AM and the recording saying our offices are closed when they are anouncing that the Hours of Operations: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Mon-Sat. Today is Saturday AM? Can Consulate improve this situaton??

kiran • 2013-09-11
Bls are charging me courier charges out of way they were forcing me to pay for it

Radha • 2013-09-11
FInally Got my OCI card.Thank You BLS montreal!!!!

sonia • 2013-09-11
Well I don't know about others my story was different...........I applied for business Visa on 3rs sept and was having flight today they could not able to give my passport intially I was soo panic but thanks alot BLS MOntreal they forced or did whatever but made it possible to get my visa. I am thankful to Bls Montreal. I saw some negative comments but What they can do people are soo ignorant everything is avaliable on website but still they just go to the office and ask weird questions that noone can answer and due to these people others have to wait for a long time. Everyone has their patience levels.

daman • 2013-09-11
I recieved my daugghter's new passport but they interchanged the names? What are my options now? Where I can send back my passports for correction.I got it back after 2 months and that also with a big ERROR don't know what to do.

Nitin • 2013-09-09
Today I went to Montreal office.service is totally poor.

bhupesj • 2013-09-09
Montreal staffs are not informative.Kindly train them and employ them

rani sidhu • 2013-09-08
Bls surrey office is poor services and helpless

Balwinder Kaur • 2013-09-06
Why they are keeping untrained staffs in the Montreal office?A girl sitting there unable to answer my questions for PCC yesterday.She has to ask another girl to answer me.Is this the professional one?And another girl is shouting and talking loud with the people there.why cant they keep a proper person to handle this?Is this a fish market in India?No proper person to manage Montreal office?What is the management doing?

Ahmad • 2013-09-06
I am an OCI applicant.I applied in Montreal office.the girl who was there she was so nice and relaxed with all the applicants.Her colleagues called her as 'OCI specialist'.Nobody was interested to take any OCI except her.She helped me a lot for the documentation with patience and finally I got the OCI card.When I went there to thank her,She was missing and I heard from her colleague,She quit the job.It was very pathetic for BLS to lose such a potential employee and its very hard to find like her.

Simran • 2013-09-05
BLS has no professional ettiquette.No customer servicing.The management sucks.

Shiela • 2013-09-05
BLS are cheaters!!!!!! They force people to opt for courier to make more cheap they are bullshit!!

Desrochers, John • 2013-09-04
Application form number: blscano01064113 Pleae send information about this application. Thank you

Rajini • 2013-09-04
Worst Company I've seen in my life.Total mis-management.Wrong information on the website.Compelling Applicants to opt courier service just for the sake of money.BULLSHIT.GREEDY PPL.

vinod • 2013-09-04
Somebody from the top management should step down otherwise BLS cannot grow.They are misleading BLS in wrong directions.

Sai Perugupalli • 2013-09-04
Thank You Team Edmonton. Thank You Very Much.

Richa • 2013-08-28
Dear Madam/ Sir, I have a criminal/defaulter reporting against my husband Suryakant Goel, living in Canada, Winnipeg. This person went to Canada in 2012 jan and since then he has been having an extramarital affair with one woman called Harkiran kaur. They both have been living as husband and wife since more than a year. My husband has confessed the same before me on phone. I have a couple of cases civil/Criminal against my husband in the police stations and courts of Ahmedabad, India. My husband s ooking not to come to India to settle this matter with me. I need a valid email id on which I can send you all supporting documents and reports. Please do help me out. Thanks, Richa

Meitalk • 2013-08-28
Dear Raj Read your inputs regarding Edmonton BLS Offfice, Iam follow applicant too, and it is requested do not write anonymously. Please identify your self with all your coordinates and confirm that you were at BLS Edmonton Office. Please also advice how to improvise and give a solution. Because myself and my husband had a very different experience. Iam from Israel and my husband Punjabi. It is very easy to demotivate and criticize hard working people. Regards Meital Kapoor.

Raj • 2013-08-27
I went to Edmonton office of BLS. I would say a smelly office in a shadow area will be far better that this BLS. There was a huge line of applicant and only one representative. This really put down all the standards of Indian Consulate to bottom. Never expected a consulate office to look like this and be so in-efficient. If Vancouver Consulate is reading this then please do something to save your image atleast.

Noor • 2013-08-23
I had applied for Police Clerance Certificate for both me and my wife. The status showed that they are delivered. When i check with the courier they have been delived to wrong address. One has gone to Quebec and other to Toronto where as i live in Mississauga. Now i am finding it hard to followup on this...There is no proper response by the bls brampton. They dont understand the seriousness on these documents. How can they address it differently. It has passport, work permit and PCC. Even after escalation there is no proper response. Please can someone tell how to go about on this matter.

annoymous • 2013-08-20
Worst service ever in my life.... No one will answer the phone as i have been trying from one hour now... they took my marriage certificate 2 months ago for attestation still waiting and now they want more fee... Just feeling like handicapped here in canada as i don't know waht to do...

Jayakanthan • 2013-08-18
I have felt you service is very worst. The website shows the application status is ready for pickup. But, today I went to the BLS Brampton, for collection of my pass port, But they have said that it is a system problem? What kind of system you have!!!!!! Still it is not corrected, how can I track my application status. If I call by phone, No phone response at all. Not only this, I had a very bad experience to submit my PIO application. Really you need to improve a lot your service

Manpreet • 2013-08-16
I gave my passport to Surrender 4 weeks back.First 3 weeks was showing under process,now it is showing in mail to Consulate.I gave them call but no one is picking the phone.I am not sure how long will it take to get my certificate.

Bharti • 2013-08-15
I'm glad that BLS International Services returned my daughter's PIO card and passport within the time committed by them. Though when I checked the time on their website they have given it approximately. But I'm really thankful to them... my daughter is with her grand parents in India.

rashi • 2013-08-13
thanks BLS after long followup finally i got my passport THANKS A LOT.

Ravi • 2013-08-13
I had applied for PIO visa and sent everything via post and as per the time given on the website i got my PIO visa on time with the help of BLS. I contacted them both via mail and phone and they replied me back with the correct information spontaneously also i would like to thanks BLS for the quick response and good services. Thank you so much and best of luck for future.

Andy • 2013-08-13
I am happy with BLS service as I got my son's PIO card within 10 days. Must say thank you to BLS guys.

Jonie • 2013-08-13
Congrats to BLS team that you all are doing a great job as I resides in US and got my passport in just 2 weeks of time. Once again THANK YOU to BLS support.

Abby • 2013-08-13
Hi guys, I'm having a very bad experience with BLS. I applied for a visa on 22nd of June and till I am waiting to get it. Even I am visiting site again and again I am unable to find out the status of my application.Can any one help me to reach to the customer service team of BSL through phone calls..........

robby • 2013-08-11
Hey Neeta you are right BLS has a good customer support and they have great staff out there in NY which follows with Embassy with full dedication and effectively as I got my NEW passport in lost case within a month, this all happened due to BLS only which did constantly follow up with me and Embassy. Must say Indian Embassy did a great job that they given the Passport and Visa Services to BLS International. As an Indian Company they have great values and humanity

Sandy • 2013-08-11
BLS guys thanks for accepting my application as I came on Wednesday at your center at NY, must say BLS has very professional employees who helped me a lot while submission my application at counter.

kiran • 2013-08-10
i received my new passport...good work BLS

Miraz • 2013-08-10
Me too got my new passport within a month as I submitted the application under category of DAMAGED passport and I need the passport in emergency as need to visit India back for marriage of my sister

neeta • 2013-08-10
got visa with in 10 days.....Well Done BLS

Sonal Chauhan Mehta • 2013-08-10
Yuppy !!!! finally got my new passport after long follow ups Must thanks to BLS INTERNATIONAL

Hima Bindu Musunuru • 2013-08-10
Dear sir/madam, I have now become a british citizen(changed nationality from indian) and applied for british passport. Im moving to Toronto in October 2013 for a job. Can I apply for PIo card in Canada please with my surrender of passport certificate. thank you Bindu

rohan patel • 2013-08-08
Hi Anjali, I think you can check the below link You can find every information on this link as I also applied for my renewal passport from BLS a new service provider. Initially I thought that BLS is one of the third class service provider as neither they were picking up the calls and neither replying to mails but one day I received email from them where they were asking that your application is UNDERPROCESS and you will get your passport soon. After getting such assurance from BLS people I was sure that I will get my passport soon and within a week time and that was my day when I finally got my passport, I was so happy that day. Must say BLS did comendable job, I liked that they are constantly follow up with Embassy and get the work done for me. Right now I am with my family here in India Thanks BLS for getting my passport back to me. I am very happy with their service

Ronika • 2013-08-08
Yes Mr Patel you are right. I also had same case where my passport was stuck with Consulate and for that I was sending lot of mails to them but same no reply to me.......... But once I received call from their helpline number and mail as well from NY email id from where I finally got the status of my passport that they will dispatch my passport soon as received from Embassy. And after 2 days I got my passport back to me at my doorsteps. This shows that BLS employees working hard to get applicant's passport and visas. Thank you BLS for such a commitment and dedication which you showed towards me.

Garry Chahal • 2013-08-08
Great Team work BLS Edmonton, an attitude to resolve and commitment to accomplish kind of nature of the team impressed me. Good Job.

Noor hasina • 2013-08-08

Monika • 2013-08-03
I have been trying to contact the office in Calgary, no one is picking up the phone.. and there is new 1-587 long distance no don't get picked up either.. waited for 20 min no voicemail activated on it either. Please confirm the times and office phone no., so I can get an appointment to submit the application. Hope Service is better this time...

laila • 2013-07-26
please correct MONTREAL OFFICE postal code!!!!!! I spent day looking for the office no website it shows different than sucks!!

deepa dhillon • 2013-07-22
I live in winnipeg, we want to apply visa for our child, do we both need to come to the office for signature.Do we need to fill an application online.please reply soon as possible

Rajinder Singh Dhatt • 2013-07-19
Where is my passport. I sent it to you on July 2nd. It has been 16 days since I sent it and havn't received it. I have sent an return envelop also. Please send my pasport as soon as possible.

RANJAN DHAWAN • 2013-07-18
I went to Brampton location, met reception guys and one gentleman near photocopier , I would to share my great experience of that gentleman , he gave me perfect details for PIO as well as OCI. Hats off that perfect man. I salute his customer service and speed of work. I suggest you , please see that man at counter 12 for your query, he is very polite.. I don't have perfect word for him but just meet him when you visit Brampton location

s • 2013-07-11
what's their contact no for calgary? I am trying to call them since last couple weeks nobody p/u the phone.How i suppose to book an appointment?

Rayan Gill • 2013-07-09
check out Edmonton Office dudes, can I send my resume to work there, Miss K is leading the office there, heard about her a lot, need a Mentor and would like to be in her guidance. congrats BLS we support Edmonton Office

richa • 2013-07-05
NIGHTMARE! I will do anything to avoid dealing with them! They do not reply to emails or receive calls!

Anjali • 2013-07-03
I need to renew my Indian passport and there are different passport forms on the internet which one can i download to apply my passport please

A.S.Markandu • 2013-07-01
I wish to know the meaning of BLS (ie expansion of the letters B,L and S) I HAPPILY WELCOME BLS INTERNATIONAL THANKS

Ellen M. R. • 2013-06-28
Beautiful Edmonton Office, very pleasant people, the first port of India, very impressed, very well represented, humble, respectful and polite.

Matt • 2013-06-27
Scarborough BLS is worst service in the entire world. I kindly suggest foreigners please do not waste your money and time. India is incedible becuase you never going to get a visa to visit. I feel really bad for Indian people.Corrupted and a broken system

K kaur • 2013-06-25
Hi I am very happy with Brampton Office, I applied for OCI , I got all the information from Counter 12 , I discussed about OCI with one of the officer Bhabesh he explained me everything after that I have submitted my OCI in one visit thanks to that officer , he is very knowledgeable person, Don't forget to meet him when you visit to Brampton office , he is always ready to serve with smiley face. Thanks Brampton office .

Gurdev singh • 2013-06-25
Yes you are right , counter 12 has perfect information about PIO & OCI instead of information desk. I met Deepak & Bhavesh at counter 12 they are genius.Good response.

Prospective Applicant • 2013-06-24
It was helpful to find this feedback, but very disappointing to know about the documents returned crumpled/bent after submission of OCI application, as reported by Biswajit below. To begin with we are required to submit original documents and entrust them with BLS for an extended period of time. At the very least, we should receive the documents back in the same condition as we submit them.

VATTS • 2013-06-24

smith mathew • 2013-06-24
reena was so patient and was so helpful in explaining and in completing the application forms

vishal kumar • 2013-06-24
reena provide me really good service this what I always wanted from our indian passport office service.thank you for your good service

Neetha Kadayil • 2013-06-23
I am an Indian Citizen living in Kitchener, Ontario. I need to get a Police clearance certificate from India.DO I need to submit to Brampton BLS centre my Original Indian passport and PR card or just copies would suffice? Hoping to hear from you at your earliest. Thanking you, sincerely, Neetha K

DR.Mathan • 2013-06-21
Can anybody tell what is nder process means.I applied for PIO card 4 weeks ago. I am not able to get any response from them through phone.If there is any option to sue them legally. I am planning to meet a lawyer soon

sudakar masanam • 2013-06-19
madam reena was v helpful

veena verma • 2013-06-19
very polite and helpful

samuel abubakker • 2013-06-19
excellent service

balwinder singh dhaliwal • 2013-06-19
very helpful

Meenakshi Nair • 2013-06-19
Edmonton is on Map because of the hard work the Edmontonians do. Kudos to Edmonton and Kanak running the office with a Smile and enthuse, Team is well trained in ethics, but Indian Chauvinists will not understand the effort, it is requested to BLS authorities, please take otherwise good people will slip out of hand like sand. I am very pleased and happy seeing the Team in Edmonton. God Bless them

kumar • 2013-06-19
can i know office hours and days in calgary

kumar • 2013-06-19
let me know calgary office hours

john • 2013-06-19
first off they said I applied for the wrong visa which i didn't, so I emailed them back. My boss in India also contacted them via email letting them know that my application was appropriate according to visa office of home ministry. After not hearing back from the company for days I phoned on a regular basis with no response. I finally was but on the holding line. I spent fours hours on hold just to be told to apply for the visa that I didn't have to apply for. Also I never talked to anyone I got told this information via an email. Absolutely Terrible service

Ron • 2013-06-18
The Brampton office was terrible and still is terrible in responding to my e-mails. I had to send two different money orders and they cashed the wrong one and they owe me a refund. They are now not responding to my e-mails, so now I am trying to escallate this, but I don't know who can help. Any suggestions

ELIZABETH • 2013-06-18

Robert Culbert • 2013-06-18
very good

swaminathan thiyaharajan • 2013-06-18
good service

andene lim • 2013-06-18
very efficeient and professional! Thank you!

A. Murray • 2013-06-18
very efficient and informative-excellent service, thank you!

Kewal Singh Pabza • 2013-06-18

fahimeh • 2013-06-18
we are very happy with the staffm very hepful, good service

Promita Abraham • 2013-06-18
excellent, very patient and courteous!

ravi datt • 2013-06-18
the staff and the operation manager is very helpful,they understand the problems of people and try to provide their best service and help people.i would personally like to thanks Gianna at BLS for her support and help, she is really of great help and i appreciate her for her great efforts to recover my lost documents. thanks Gianna and BLS international once again.

subhashree senapati • 2013-06-17
very good

harkanwal singh sidhu • 2013-06-17
very good service at Calgary bls but the application process is very confusing on the website

paramjit kaur • 2013-06-13
very good service

ridhish • 2013-06-13
v helpful.She answered all question. I had satisfied

prabhat • 2013-06-13
v curtious, helpful customer focus friendly.with a smile .she answered and help guide on next steps.thanks to reena

Biswajit • 2013-06-13
Finally received our originals back 5 weeks from the day of submission of OCI application. Sadly our pristine original Citizenship certificates came back crumpled and bent in places.

ravneet • 2013-06-13
fast working , polite and greatly mannered

fathimathul nadia • 2013-06-13
pleasant welcoming and mind blowing service . especially the front desk lightly taken the task even on the high volume of customers in surrey .

satinder kaur • 2013-06-12
good dealing

satbir singh • 2013-06-12
very nice behaviour reena and dealing

malcolm coelho • 2013-06-12
very good helpful and calm reena

arvinder kaur • 2013-06-12
nice behaviour

Jaspal Baraitch • 2013-06-12
Great customer service provided in a timely manner.

JATINDER VERMA • 2013-06-12
good service skills surrey

Anonymous • 2013-06-12
Very good experience. Miss Gurinder was very helpful. The visit qas quick and the information given was very helpful!! Thank you

Yeung Melanie • 2013-06-12
Very good. She was thorough and saw my travel date may be close to expiry of visa (6 month limit) and offered suggestion to come back if that would be better suited for me. Thanks!

Anonymous • 2013-06-12
It was quick and faster than expected. The office was nice and quite. Overall experience was very good. Suggestion: Indian flag was missing, it would have been nice to see tri color somewhere

Karen Nosfrarezami • 2013-06-12
My job was done so fast! Thank you for your cooperation in advance!

AMANDEEP KAUR • 2013-06-12
Miss Gurinder is very knowledgeable. Very quick in service, helpful. Excellent service. Thank you!!

Betty XY • 2013-06-12
Very good service. I am happy with her.

Brian Thomas • 2013-06-12
Kudos to Edmonton Team, soon will be leaving for Employment in India. Knowledgeable, intelligent and smart. Wonderful approach towards the service, impressed with advice. My wife is so happy as she was not sure about the unknown territory. She might go back with home baked cookies.

gauri datta • 2013-06-11
helpful staff.however website is not updated and doesnoot reflect correct processing times and or few requirements for pcc.

marissa filanti • 2013-06-11
very helpful and pleasant

naveen.k.v • 2013-06-11
very helpful reena

Hisham • 2013-06-11
Very efficient and professional

mehulbhai nakum • 2013-06-11
very helpful and v polite

balwinder kaur • 2013-06-11
very very helpful reena

Kevin Gonapathy • 2013-06-11
very fast and friendly, thank you

Kiran Bhattal • 2013-06-11
Great service! Didn't have to wait long for our turn at all :)

Harkaren • 2013-06-11
it was fast and efficient

sukhwinder kaur bhatti • 2013-06-11
very good service provided by bls staff at surrey center, polite and respectful approach, quiet and good environment in the office.

Jigneshkumar Patel • 2013-06-11
The services at brampton center are exceptional. i applied for the OCI and the counter staff was very helpful and pleasant. Great Customer service

G Gujar • 2013-06-11
Brampton center have Great Customer service and very professional staff at the brampton center. Doing great. Better than going directly to Consulate.

harmeet singh • 2013-06-10
Hi There, I just want to personally thank BLS Team at Brampton location for expediting the application processing. A special thanks to Simran and Abharna who really helped me in getting my passport very quickly from India Consulate.......Kudos to these team players and keep up the good work

Sudhir Kumar • 2013-06-10
Hi Simran , Thanks fro all u\you support and services . You have go one step ahead and help me to fill my form for OCI . Gr8 staff to work with .. thanks again.

Parth • 2013-06-09
Hi Before 2 weeks i have visited Brampton office for Passport renewal , i met Bhavesh Patel on Counter 12, he took my pic, also made photocopies of required documents, i finished my work in 1 hour , BLS has all the services... specially counter 12 is very helpful experience is very good with BLS Brampton office.

honey singh • 2013-06-08
BLS is the big brother of VFS and CGI is it's father... They all Suck!!

Marie Simon • 2013-06-08
I visited Montreal office yesterday for my touist visa, It was my third visit and again I did mistake in filling out form I was about to cry and told my situation to girls working there they helped me in filling my form it was great help!! Love Indian people they are very helpful and hard working.

ASH PATEL • 2013-06-08

nithusia • 2013-06-07
We went to Montreal office to submit applications for tourist visa and Montreal staff was very polite and nice to us. We were not having all documents but lady over their helped us in printing those and she was really helpful.I think they help as much they can and whatever in their hands but beyond certain limit they are also helpless and its indian govt who is more responsible than bls. I had no issues with bls montreal office they were really great!!!

AHMAD • 2013-06-07
I am a old man and had to travel to India it was emergency THe girls in montreal office helped me in printing my application form which was wrong intially then i told them i can't do tracking and all so they took my phone number and called me as soon they got my passport back and I got my passport with visa in 5 days I really appreciate everyone for such a great help.

palakjot kaur bains • 2013-06-07
I am really happy with the new visa service in Calgary. The staff is very nice and helpful.

Ashu • 2013-06-07
I had excellent experience here. Customer service is excellent. I am totally satisfied with service here.

amrit kumar • 2013-06-07
my visit to Calgary office was v good. reena told us all the information we needed. thanks

Ronald Love • 2013-06-07

SIMRAN JEET MANES • 2013-06-07

ATUL KUMAR CHOPRA • 2013-06-07
Excellent service at Calgary office.

Anmoljot Sindhu • 2013-06-07
we were at Edmonton office the other day to submit Visa Application, very sweet ladies. I liked the way they spoke to me, treated me.Also asked me to go for OCI Gave lot of information regarding PIO and OCI, which eventually Iam going to go for once come back from India. I loved the ambiance and atmosphere at Edmonton Office.

MANDEEP KAUR • 2013-06-07

Amrit pal singh • 2013-06-07
i like the service up here at BLS office. And i will highly recommend it to others as well.

saji • 2013-06-07
indian visa

Hubert Mendonca • 2013-06-07
Friendly service at Calgary office. Officer provided service Ms Mumtaz. very good

Monika • 2013-06-07
I am happy with the services :)by paulomi

ZACK • 2013-06-07
Great services, very professional, fast and friendly ! Thanks ! Zack.

RKumar • 2013-06-07
I tried to contact them by phone 514-282-4949 but not able to reach them. I have some questions. I need to get some information before I go there to submit application but have no luck

santha krishnasamy • 2013-06-07
Very fast process and they are very helpful. BLS staff are doing an awesome work. Paulomi was very helpful Santha

gurpreet • 2013-06-07
The staff at the visa office is really supportive,very friendly and very knowledgeable.I felt really welcomed and got the help I wanted.My visit to the Visa office was really wonderful.

KAMALJEET • 2013-06-07
Service are really good and friendly and helpful staff over i am with all at vancouver center

Moses • 2013-06-07
The officer who work here are very kind. Today I visit 2nd time to get visa. I appreciate nice people. Thank you Vancouver office!

Altaf • 2013-06-07
@ Vancouver Excellent friendly welcome, and efficient processing.

Maninder • 2013-06-07
I was impressed with the service in Vancouver. It was very courteous

Tracy • 2013-06-07
Very Helpful, Clear instructions, Fast, efficient. Thank you

Amelia • 2013-06-07
Excellent and very helpful at Vancouver center

manpreet • 2013-06-06
Hi everybody i see all of your comments but as far as i am concerned the BLS Winnipeg staff is gud and knowledgable and provide all the information so you guys dont have to come again if anybody is having problem call them at 204-505-2907.they take application between 8-2pm without appointment

parvinder • 2013-06-06
BLS start operation from March 1 in Winnipeg and the two guys sitting there are really helpful but the only problem is their phone number is not updated and for every information we have to go back and forth and there is no parking available in Downtown

sajan kunnathu • 2013-06-06
superb service

George Abraham • 2013-06-06
Hi, This is an unusually pleasant experience to get excellent service from BLS through Paulomi. Thanks, George Abraham

stanley cyril • 2013-06-06
very helpful and gave all information nice dealing

james • 2013-06-06
highly satisfied

Gurpreet • 2013-06-06
Hi everyone I am really very happy with the surrey staff members they are very polite and efficient. I am very pleased with their service and courtesy. I took me very less time to submit my application. I wish them good luck.

Derek • 2013-06-06
My request to Canadauser is to withdraw his/her comments and request Admin of this site to allow authenticated comments and complaints. Coming back to services given by BLS is stupendous. I just returned from India and the Operation's Head/Administrator in Edmonton went through all means to help me and fulfill my application as those does system was not ready if the data is not fetched for Visa. I personally support the Edmonton Team's endeavor and they are putting exemplary effort. Iam disappointment with the comments left here which are very personal and demotivating. Buddy "canadauser" this is my country, and do not add it for your use. If you have guts, face it and leave your coordinates and name. I will convey the best to BLS CANADA who enabled my dream visit.

Dr Williams • 2013-06-06
From Edmonton : I have delivered flowers for their exemplary attention and intellectual services. Was very proud to see the level of knowledge and suggestion. Impressed. I wanted to refer to my friend in Winnipeg(looking for address) for his application and bumped into this site, very disappointed that they are encouraging abusive and unrelated comments. Edmonton is peaceful city, I request the people visiting Edmonton office or matter of fact any BLS office in Canada, get a degree or go back to ethics school. I have seen passion and perseverance, and any individual attack is not acceptable, when we know that how much effort he/she is putting up for the success of the mission. Way to go Edmonton Office, keep up the good work, and do not give up.

merlin susan • 2013-06-06
Excellent service.Everything was narrated. Thank you.

stanley cyril • 2013-06-06
very helpful and gave all the information accurately.

NEHA KALA • 2013-06-06
I was really happy with service at BLS office at Calgary. All 3 ladies were really co -operative & helpful . I visited 3 times & every time treated very well. My application was done by Reena & she was fabulous.

narendra kala • 2013-06-06
i am v happy with the service given to me and my wife neha by reena. The hospitality was praise giving. Thanks

Akshat • 2013-06-06
Good service

CM KUTYN • 2013-06-06
friendly helpful service

Paul O • 2013-06-06
Very helpful + very good to work with (Vancouver center)

Jitender Verma • 2013-06-06
Very Helpful + prompt service was attended nicely the person attending was very cooperative at vancouver bls

Romi Sharma UoA • 2013-06-06
My grandpa died and we need to take his ashes to India, I could not travel but my Dad mom and grandma traveled with my aunts and uncles, we were all at Edmonton BLS office and they took care of us. I would like to let the dudes know who are writing all BS, leave a valid complaint and to the point. Do not write or attack someone personally, CANADA is my country too and I am not letting any one here go through hurting process just because they Indians, if you did not like the service, please suggest how they can improve or give a method to solve do not rant. My name is Romi and Iam a student of Medicine, and Iam proud of the Services and the way the lady in charge took care of my Grandma when she was at BLS Edmonton. I will request again people who are visiting from India here please learn the Canadian Way.

Dinesh Sharma • 2013-06-04
We want to apply Indian visa , please proved me Visa office in Winnipeg telephone number, and what is new process for that

kuldip gill • 2013-06-03
I didnot renew my passport from long time around more than 15 years, i do not even the pearcard.Whai i can do now and where i have to go. I lives in winnipeg. Please help me and give me the information .Thanks

Gurpal • 2013-06-01
I applied for daughter's passport. Passport is ready and holding in his office.We got call from Bls office. They said, we are holding your passport and it is ready somebody has to come and pick the passport. They said ,we will charge you $10 for every 48 hours to hold your passport. I send it self addressed envelope with stamp, When I had applied my daughter's passport. I am busy and now I have to go to edmonton and grab the passport. i found bls is providing so poor service. they won't even answer the call when u call at office & no customer service?

steeve • 2013-05-31 not trust this service, cheaters dishonest they do not know how to respect, once they got your application and money draft, they will never call you back. i suggest you that if you have to use BLS canada service than do not go to INDIA. i never thought that INDIAN system is not only poor but full of people from hell.

maria • 2013-05-31
one word for BLS canada BASTARDS

Canadauser • 2013-05-30
The Service of BLS International is worst in Edmonton. The employees behavior was rude and very lazy. They did not give any respect and shout on you if you go and ask any question. The employee treat as if you want you work to be done , sit and wait till they call you. I have not seen this kind of behavior even in India. They In charge lady of that office is worst administrator. I think BLS head office should put live camera to consistently watch and monitor the activities of lady Incharge ( she is most of time on phone , laughing and cracking jokes.) when inter pt, she replied she is with customer on phone. Go and watch " The mismanaged BLS office"

Henry • 2013-05-28
Selected courier service for visa but the processed passport sat at the BLS office for over a week. Took 2 phone calls to get them to send by courier. Almost didn't have the passport for a trip. All for a $20 service charge. Terrible service for BLS Brampton.

sushil malhan • 2013-05-19
Please let know the office of BLS international for making indian lost passport for permanent residence in Regina Canada

Humm • 2013-05-17
I don't know whom to blame for this, BLS or Indian system itself. For every request, they hold the passport. Why inconvenience people like this. First I applied for New Passport, that took 1 month of holding of passport. After that, I needed my Indian PCC, for which I again needed to submit my passport for possibly another 4-6 weeks. Why hold passport for each and everything? This is the age of internet where internet systems can be used to retrieve information. They should not inconvenience people by holding originals for such a long time for any request we send them. Can't the Indian system use common sense to give Indian PCC early considering that new passport was just applied for which police verification has already been done. Pathetic rules set to inconvenience people, I doubt if I am living in internet generation or stone age.

Sushil Malhan • 2013-05-15
I have lost my indian passport valid upto 2018.I am permanent resident of canada .I have lodged incident report to police at 1717 osler street regina canada.My file no is RM12059729 dated 28.10.12 .I want to get my replacement new passport in liue of my lost passport .Please let me know the necessary requirements

humf • 2013-05-14
i dint recieve my passport its over a month..the bls office doesnt asn the call neither i can track my status

rajeev • 2013-05-06
it is so hard to get through to them, and when you do they are very rude and try to hang up as soon as they think they have answered the question. you ask them a question they will be abruptly stop you in insulting way.This has to stop,why indian consulate is not doing anything about it. They are in customer service field and should learn how to serve customers. we are paying big fees for their service.

Raj Bardouille • 2013-05-05
Could you please send me your telephone number as ai need to get information on Indian visa. Thank you

harpreet virk • 2013-05-04

Gail R • 2013-05-04
My passport with the visa now is being couriered. I do believe BLS is working through it's growing pains. I spoke with knowledgable people in the last few days at BLS.Those of us caught in the growing pains spoke up and we were listen rock!

broy • 2013-05-04
I think this system is not very helpful for the general people to get visas for India, officials should look into this matter as quickly as it may be possible. it should be much easier then this system is bringing people to mind bugling, difficulties to obtain a visa.

Chandu • 2013-05-03
Today I called the Indian Consulate and the nice lady there gave me the number of Consular officer to let him know about the problems. Bipi Singh: 416-960-4668 Also, The lady on the phone mentioned that she didnt get any complaints about the BLS service. May be its time we talk to the Consulate directly and voice our concerns.

karen • 2013-05-03
I couriered my passport to the Vancouver office on Friday last week, it was delivered to the office on Monday, I received a text on Tuesday from BLS, stating they had my passport. On weds I received an email with the tracking number and today on Friday I received my passport back by courier, visa in place. Thanks BLS, great job!

kumar • 2013-05-02
I had been to BLS- Toronto today. The appointment system on the website does not work. It does not matter if you take an appointment or not. It is walkin. Also the application form on the bls website are incorrect. I was told after going there that I have to take the application form from cgitoronto but the checklist has to be from the blswebsite. It was total confusion and frustration among the poeple who where there.

jimyjoseph • 2013-05-02
visa application

jimy joseph • 2013-05-02
no comments

Sharell Cook • 2013-04-30
This is an appalling and distressing state of affairs. I recently wrote a blog post about the issue, including reference to this article, to help raise awareness of the problem. You can read it here and leave a comment:

Myriam • 2013-04-30
It is very difficult to get the line. And when you get it, you have to wait 45 minutes. After that, the agent puts you on hold. And then the line cuts. It did that many times. I am waiting for now on 5 weeks to receive my son visa...

Singh • 2013-04-30
I am doubtful their website works. Always gets server error. What a poor service

jean yves • 2013-04-30
same problems to get my son's visa. he made his application to Bls in Brampton on march 25th,with $95 money order 4 visa photos and didn't receive any call or email since then. Last week we try to call to know why he didn't receive his visa yet and after 4 days of waiting to get line ,lines cuts after speaking to someone who did not answer our questions and put us on hold ,we finaly knew that there was $30 missing for the shipping and photos were missing too .But we had no time to post those missing things cause my son is leaving next friday May 3rd .We already paid $4000.00 for the tickets and one month in India so we are very very upset .So my son left today(april 30th) from New Brunswick to Brampton (14 hours car's trip just one way) to try to get his visa or at least his passport.WHAT A BAD SERVICES FOR AN INTERNATIONAL COMPANY WHO HAVE OUR PASSPORT IN THEIR HANDS.VERY FRUSTRATED.

Diane • 2013-04-29
Please do blog.Perhaps create a blog on this. There is further issues in other countries with BLS. It has been helpful to have people post here.Difficult with so many unknowns and this needs some public attention

pompy wodne • 2013-04-29
I'm usually to running a blog and i really respect your content. The article has actually peaks my interest. I am going to bookmark your site and preserve checking for brand spanking new information. pompy wodne

Debbie Rice • 2013-04-29
Will the Brampton office accept postal applications via courier or can I drop off visa documentation on behalf of my boss

Nisha Shirawala • 2013-04-26
Hi, I applied to renew my passport on 15th March. Its already 6 weeks. Online tracking status is "Processing at Consulate General". Anyone has any idea about still how long will it take to renew my passport and when I can get it?

Dave • 2013-04-25
Having worked in immigration dept in Canada, I have some knowledge/experience regarding the factors involved in police verification/clarification. First and foremost, as a layman, I understand your incoherence to understand the backend process. And of course, any immigration authority has the right to restrict information. This is not intended to keep people in the dark but to ensure that all relevant clearances may be obtained without the applicant hindering the process in one form or the other. The way the system works is that once your information is transferred to the consulate (from VFS) and the process for verification starts your name and other information could have commonality with another known person/criminal. So the consulate has to assume guilty until proven otherwise, as you may understand. I have had the personal experience of applying for a Visa to India from VFS and to be honest I wish they were still around. After the way we treat people applying for Canadian visas

Dave • 2013-04-25
contd ... After the way we treat people applying for Canadian visas and or other services. In fact, the CIC has outsourced visa services to VFS in eight regions around the world. I believe people expect too much. And to be honest, in today's political environment, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Dianne • 2013-04-25
Dave there is more sorry then safe in the way documents are being handled by BLS.Lost and misdirected passports and applications. The issue isn't the consulate. The huge issue for Canada and Immigration is our Consulates.Go send your resume to any Canada Embassy in the world.I did to test what I heard. Responses all were.Sorry we hire locally in this country!

Susmit • 2013-04-25
I did apply for PIO for my daughter on March 15. No news as yet. However they took my daighter's original Canadian p/p. Tofay I called the BLS Call Centre (of course after many attempts) and I was told that Canadian p/p's should not have been taken by BLS. Is there any way I can ask the Canadian p/p back?

Sat_Kumarr • 2013-04-22
I applied for my Indian passport renewal (much to my bad luck) via BLS on March 2nd. After two weeks, I was told some papers were missing and that too after I followed up with them. Then after 1 1/2 months, my passport is still not available. My old passport is also stuck. I am unable to go anywhere and they have no clue what is going on. The BLS Brampton jokers are a bunch of usesless people who are spoiling the image of INdia. I should have applied via VFS. This is a horrible thing I have done. Just go to INdia and get it done via Tatkal

Ravi Menon • 2013-04-19
I had a similar experience like Jean.I applied through post for Indian Visa for my daugher and myself on 4 April at the BLS centre in Vancouver.They received the same on 5 April and started processing it.Checking the website showed that the passports have been couried on 10 April.My house is in Grand Forks BC.On 12 April I received a parcel from Victoria BC by Canada post sent on 10 April and arrived Friday morning.My worry was that if a normal pacel can arrive in 2 days why is the courier taking longer? I asked my friend in Vancouver to go check with them and get the tracking number as they do not answer your phone nor reply to emails.The person in BLS centre in Vancouver hardly spoke English and did not know what a tracking number was.I decided to wait for the week end and on 17th we got my daughters passport through Purolator.I went to their website and did a tracking to know why it took too long. The route was as follows, Vancouver - Edmonton- Calgary - Castlegar- Grand Forks

Ravi Menon • 2013-04-19
Continued: Instead of putting BC they put AB and the package travelled all the way though Alberta and someone realised the postal code is not that of Alberta.Yestrday I contacted BLS and got the line and asked them to get my tracking number.After 2 unsuccessful calls the third person actually helped and gave me the tracking number and she called me back on my cell number.I checked with the tracking number on Purolator and the route my package took was Vancouver-Edmonton- Grand Priare-Edmonton-Calgary-Castlegar. Immediately I informed Purolator and they said instead of my city Grand Forks BC they had typed Brand Priare BC. The BLS person from Vancouver office had screwed things up. Does he know that Grand Priare is not in BC? VFS service was really good. The purolator office created a case and put the shipment on hold as per my request as I did not want the package to travel to another province.The tracing specialist called me yesterday and confirmed all details.

Ravi Menon • 2013-04-19
Continued:He promised that the delivery would be done today. I received the same today. It is really painstaking that nothing is done about this, the service agents are really pathetic.However I must admit that finally the lady named SIMRAN who works at the call centre in Brampron did help me.Indian Counsellate must cancel the contract and reinstate VFS Global or let the people in the Indian counsellate do the job. Why do we have to pay a service charge to someone who does not provide proper service.They need only one photo for Visa and ask for two in the website.

JACOB • 2013-04-19

Gail R • 2013-04-19
My application sent March 23 does not even show on the website. I couriered it there so it shows received. I was able to get through on the phone 4 times with persistence. With promises to phone back.That they were doing a trace on their courier. I was booked to fly April 21. No passport here. So instead of being in India next week I will be again on the phone and in prayer. I don't know what else to do.

jean • 2013-04-18
I am experiencing a horrible interaction with BLS brampton. I have applied for my daughter's new passport and the system shows that they have dispatched it though courier. When I asked with Purolator people they said that the shipment was for another client. Basically they have send my daughter's passports and PR card to another person. I guess the Indian authorities should cancel there contract especially with all these complaints.

Dr Ram • 2013-04-17
BLS is a nightmare. I applied for renewal of passport of my two kids with all required documents and correct fee (as i talked to a customer care before sending the form). They kept sitting on the forms for 3 weeks and saying that the fee is not correct and something is missing. After 3 weeks of torture i decided to complain to the Indian high commission Toronto office. They immediately and the applications were send for processing on the same day. I am yet to get it back but at least it is under process now......I am planning to complain to Indian media here in Canada and also in India so as to create some pressure on the BLS jokers which are ruining the image of India and making life difficult for everybody here....

Nargis Jamal • 2013-04-17
i have an appointment with the edmonton office. the applications for OCI states draft for $275 us. who should this be payable to? should it be blank? thanks

Jagdish • 2013-04-17
High handedness of BLS-INDIA Canada international. It took 8days to issue Canadian passport including postal time. Now the agony starts just to cancel Indian passport it took 18days just to put a stamp of cancellation. Once surrender certificate received try to apply for OCI. They checked all the paper and said Death certificate of the spouse is not included. Though it has declared many time earlier while Indian passport was issued. A copy was arranged and tried to submit the application next day. Now they insisted they need the original certificate at the same time I need to stress that did not ask the original of any other copy attached. We are trying to implement same Indian great system here. Delay the work as much as you can. Moreover all the staff at BLS office Brampton is fair sex so you cannot show your frustration because then Canadian law applies.

Gail R • 2013-04-15
I sent my passport and tourist visa application to the BLS Brampton Office. This is my 4th India Visa.I have also dealt with the Bankgok India Consulate and VFS. Those experiences with excellent!I sent my application in Mar 24 expecting to have it for flight April 21.I began to phone I get promises for return calls. Vague answers. No website updates.Last news was to be sent Monday April 15th.We do not have choices to go elsewhere. This is becoming a nightmare.Good luck on the phones. It takes lots of redialing and then a long hold to get an agent. Their sole job is to take applications, make sure all papers are in order. Simple and not rocket science.I doubt I will have my visa to travel by 21st. I really hope I get my Passport back. I have a husband in Mumbai.I was going to do the PIO route and want to. Entrust them both with my passport and marriage license??

gurpreet singh • 2013-04-14
hi i want to know that how much exactly fees draft should i need to send to bls for my police clerance and what the adress in vancover ? what is the contact number for bls? Because i m trying since march no body answer.

Rubina • 2013-04-11
I have been trying to call at BLS help line number for weeks but can't get through it. I tried reaching someone through vfs e-mail , he asked me to check on the website. I just have to get my Indian passport renewed. Can someone suggest me what should I do. I have filled the application package.

Monica • 2013-04-09
HELP! Does anyone know the BLS Ottawa office phone #? The main BLS helpline number 647-478-3072 is always busy. I am urgently waiting for a Tourist Visa update. Thanks

Ashley U • 2013-04-06
BLS is doing a terrible job of dealing with the Indian visas. It is very difficult to call through on the phone and when you finally get someone, they are not able to help you with anything or any questions that you might have. It says on the website to call after 7 days if you have not heard anything, but when you call they say yes, there is a backup, it might take another 7 days with no other information. Something needs to be seriously changed in the way these visas are dealt with.

Thomas C Panicker • 2013-04-05
I live in Calgary; Can I submit through online application to Ottawa or Toronto or Surrey B.C.? This for all of them.? What are the documents required,other than Passport for Travel Visa? Photograph needed? What is the fee? I can sed a debit cheque? Let me know.?

Brian Robinson • 2013-04-02
DO NOT SEND YOUR PASSPORTS TO BLS INTERNATIONAL. You will NOT get them back in a timely manner at all. I was just told my passport Canada to declare it missing. I could write a book about how ludicrous they are.

Geraldine Wright • 2013-04-02
My web file No. is CANT02669113 and would like to make an appointment at the Brampton Office. Could you please provide me with their phone number or how to reach them to make an appointment. Thank you for your cooperation.

Edith Coffin • 2013-03-27
Could you tell me how much time it takes to get a visa to visit India. It has been 10 days since we submitted our application at the Vancouver office of BLS. We need to have it back to submit our passports to Ottawa for a visa for Dubai and to receive our passports back before April 18.

Preet • 2013-03-26
I have called the Toronto BLS office also, there phone is always engaged. One time that u got through the lady informed me that the courier charges on the websit and the forms are incorrect. Had I not called I would have sent the wrong amount causing delay to my app,Icarian. I complained to her that the call center has a long delay. We never get reply to emails. The prevoius service VFS was much much better. They would answer to emails within 2 days. You could always talk to an agent or even their manager if you were stern enough. The corrupted country that India is figures that they would higher cheap service like BLs. They are pathetic. I m too afraid to send our application there.

Michelle • 2013-03-26
I am SO ANGRY with BLS. My son and nephew sent their apps for visas in Feb. Then were told by VFS to wait. fine. Now they were sent to CGI in Vancouver via purolator. NO ONE will answer emails or phones. I try 647-478-3072 for BLS and 604-662-8811 for CGI in Vancouver. These boys are IN Brazil and need to leave there April 1st! BLS has their passports!!! WTF?? I don't know what to do??? The online Visa lookup doesn't have their apps reg'd either. WHO DO I CALL???

Amarjit • 2013-03-26
For you people in Brampton, Vancouver .. have you considered contacting the local Indian media outlets ... radio, tv or newspaper. Why not contact mainstream Canadian media too .. one of their investigative reporters. Until an external pressure is brought to bear on BLS or the High Commission/CGI, how can a result be effected?

Mary • 2013-03-25
BLS is a complete and absolute joke. None of the comments below surprises me in any way. BLS Brampton, which does not return emails, has lost my entire tourist visa application package, including my precious Canadian passport. It is almost impossible to get through by telephone, and, on the rare occasions when I succeed, the agent will not give her name, makes me repeat all the information that I have given to previous agents, promises to get back to me and, of course, never does. My flight leaves in six weeks. Not only do I not have a visa, but it appears I no longer have a Canadian passport. The most frustrating part is that there doesn't seem to be anywhere to direct a complaint and get some action. Makes me wonder why the Indian consulate replaced VFS Global. It could not possibly have been worse than BLS.

Mary • 2013-03-25
Rameshchandra Panchal ... that is the correct number. But it is always busy. You have to hit redial 30 to 40 times. When the number is finally answered, you get a recording and then you have to wait at least 20 minutes to get an agent ... who then tells you there is no record of your application, despite the fact that you have a Canada Post tracking number and delivery time and date to their office. Also, Amarjit, you make a very good point about paying BLS a fee for services that are not delivered. There needs to be a mass protest to the Consulate General or the High Commission or whoever contracted this useless company.

Amarjit • 2013-03-25
Mary ... your case seems very dire but is probably not the only one. Consider this: - A Canadian Passport is the property of the Government of Canada, it is NOT yours; - the passport very clearly states that if it is lost or stolem it must be reported to the police and the Canadian passport Office. It also states and I quote " If your passport is surrendered to any person or agency outside the Government of Canada (e.g. to obtain a visa) and is not promptly returned, report the facts to one of the above offices. " By that it means the police or the Canadian Passport Office. Perhaps visit the Brampton BLS office or the Consulate General of India (CGI) office and advise them of actions you are considering. CGI is at: 365 Bloor Street(East) Suite # 700, Toronto, ON, M4W 3L4 Telephone:(416) 960-0751/52 Fax:(416)960 9812 E mail: Website: In the face of no meaningful attendance to service by BLS, these are the only options left to consider.

Amarjit • 2013-03-22
I asked my brother to go in person to the Ottawa office and check on my wife's visa application. Fortunately, he found the visa had been issued. While he was there, he heard several stories of people who have no idea what the status of their application is .. they cannot check on the website and no-one ever picks up the so called "help" telephone. This is disgraceful service sanctioned by the High Commission through their contract with BLS. If there's any lawyers around ... is there not a case for a class action lawsuit ? 1) We are paying BLS a fee for a service; 2) that service is not being provided as per their stated level of service. I can't believe how we just seem to accept this .. how do we think things will ever change?

Praveen AHUJA • 2013-03-22
Your service is disgraceful. I have sent to you three Emails and you have not responded. I am afraid to submit my Documents to your office. Do you have any justification for this incompetence.

Azul • 2013-03-21
I submitted my Indian visa application with 1.5 weeks ago and found out today that BLS International is no longer accepting applications from 3rd party sources like visahq. My flight leaves March 30th & despite my best efforts, BLS International has not had the decency to return my calls/emails. I wish good luck to everyone... I unfortunately think I may be out of luck...

Amarjit Sandhu • 2013-03-20
It is very frustrating to see the poor service of the outsourced visa system. I dropped off an application at the BLS Ottawa office last week. When I go to their web-site to track the application, all I see is a general Yahoo search screen and a custom search tab. When I put the tracking number in the custom search, I get a response that says No Results. I don't know what that means and it is not at all clear if this is even how to track the application. Has anyone else been able to track their application?

Rameshchandra Panchal • 2013-03-20
I am calling Phone number 647-478-3072 for BLS BRAMPTON office but sorry to tell you that it is replied not in service. Please what number is that I can call for my confusion regarding OCI application. Please tell me the phone number of Brampton office asap.

Uday Shankar Sinha • 2013-03-18
I am interested in applying for the Police Clearance Certificate from India.Would you please guide me how to apply for this. Also please send me a phone number so that I can talk to someone in your office regarding this.

Joanne Tucker • 2013-03-13
Need assistance re: acquiring a new/obtaining an extension to an existing Business Visa. I have sent three emails to (March 7th, March 11th, March 13th) and have not received a response. I would appreciate a response from someone who can assist asap. Thanks in advance! Jo Tucker

marlene • 2013-03-12
Hi Can you provide a phone number for the Edmonton office and how long it takes to process? Can someone besides the applicant drop off and pick up? Thanks Marlene

Grace Barrett • 2013-03-06
Please give me the correct postal code and phone # for Montreal office. Thanks

shaukat • 2013-03-06
we hope that service will be improved and fullfill the dream of people. will become a model unit for service purpose.

kavita • 2013-03-05
i want to know the telephone contact of montreal BLS international and to know if submission can be made on saturdays morning?

Anonymous • 2013-03-04
The correct postal code for Montreal address is H3A 3R2.

Darryl Alves • 2013-03-03
I would like to obtain an Indian Tourist Visa. How long will it take and do I need to submit my passport as well. Also can I come in person as opposed to mailing it in.

pete cejalvo • 2013-03-01
What is the contact number for the Calgary Indian Visa Center that I can reach to make an appointment?

Debbie McDonald • 2013-03-01
What is the phone no. of the BLS INternational office in Ottawa?

Mary R • 2013-02-28
I would like to know what are the hours of Operation and if you will be open on saturday to accept applications for OCI and PIO cards. thanks,

Urvashi Dholakia • 2013-02-28
What is the contact # for the Lawrence Ave East location? And what documents do I need to apply for Police Clearance Certificate? Thanks,

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