MARCH 11, 2005
Major Credit Card Companies will Help Jetsgo Passengers
Raymon J. Kaduck
Three major credit card companies have announced that they will refund the tickets of passengers stranded by the failure of Jetsgo. Visa, which has more than 25.6 million cardholders across Canada, has issued a statement that its cardholders will be protected. Reports on major television networks are reporting that Mastercard will also protect its cardholders.

American Express spokesperson Tara Peever said: “We are doing all that is possible to make sure our customers are not out of pocket. We are refunding the price of the ticket and applicable taxes.” In addition to this goodwill gesture, Peever suggested that cardholders check the conditions on their card, since some cardholders will be eligible for other trip interruption expenses.

The Visa press release states that “VISA Cardholders who purchased a Jetsgo ticket on their VISA card and are unable to take their scheduled flight due to Jetsgo's decision to cease operations will be reimbursed. VISA cardholders are advised to contact their VISA issuer to obtain specific information on how to receive a refund.”

Passengers in transit can contact the Visa emergency line at 1-800-847-2911 for emergency travel assistance. In addition, VISA cardholders who purchased their ticket online, by phone, or by mail, are protected through the Visa E-Promise. The Visa E-Promise ensures that cardholders who did not receive services as promised can contact their issuer directly to obtain a credit to their account. Details are available at www.visa.ca.

The Corporate Communications departments for MasterCard did not return calls this afternoon, however CBC Newsworld reported that MasterCard was first to announce that it would reimburse passengers for their Jetsgo tickets.