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November 6, 2006
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Jen Savedra

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Trade Night at the Travel and Leisure show
Tour operators, airlines, hotels and resorts, tourism boards and convention and visitors' bureaus and a number of other organizations and suppliers were set up and ready Thursday evening at the International Centre in Toronto, anticipating the opening of Trade Night at the Travel and Leisure show. However, attendance was well under the 1,500 that was anticipated by the organizers on their website, and was estimated by various suppliers to be no more than about 250.
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Executive Panel at the Travel & Leisure Show offers experience and advice
Jen Savedra
Industry experts deliver the message
Chris Robinson, Vanessa Lee, Andrew Dawson, Mark Linton, Tony Pollard, Mike Price, Jonathan Carroll
The Travel and Leisure show's Executive Panel hosted by Chris Robinson of The  Chris Robinson Travel Show was as informative and entertaining an hour as one could hope to attend.  The panel consisted of six high profile industry executives - dubbed the Cruise Queen by Robinson, Vanessa Lee is former managing director of Encore Cruises,  Andrew Dawson, president Sunquest, Mark Linton, vp national accounts for RBC, Anthony Pollard, president Hotel Association of Canada, Mike Price president, First Choice Canada and Signature Vacations and Jonathan Carroll, president of itravel2000. There were no shrinking violets on this panel, and topics were wide and varied beginning with the need to make the Federal Government understand the needs of the travel industry, "Does any industry bounce back (from adversity) as fast as travel?" asked Linton, "Does the Federal Government know this?" 
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Sunwing's inaugural flight out of Montreal to Punta Cana
Uguette Chiasson & Chantal Beauregard
189 passengers, guests and journalists celebrate
Guests of honour, company employees and the passengers who were part of this event will long remember Sunwing's first flight out of Montreal to Punta Cana. TRAVELHotNews was there to bring you the full story through pictures of the two exciting hours that preceded the departure at Montreal-Trudeau airport last Saturday morning (Nov.4).Asked how he felt, Sunwing Vacations president Colin Hunter at the launch of his Sunwing "missile," Hunter confirmed he was "Very excited.  We've waited a long time for this important moment. We've worked hard and invested a lot of effort and money to achieve this.  And, of course, this is only the first of many more flights," he added.  He went even further with a gentle warning to the competition.  "Competitors should know that Sunwing will be in Quebec for a long time!"
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WestJet launches first international flight
Vacation division predicts record sales next year
Brenda Trockstad and Bob Cummings

WestJet and Westjet Vacations held a media lunch on Friday to introduce their first international programme - to Nassau in the Bahamas.  WestJet Vacations general manager, Brenda Trockstad and Bob Cummings, executive vice president guest services for the airline, hosted, while the Bahamas Tourist Office was ably represented by national director Paul Strachan and public relations manager, Ambrose Morris.Trockstad who was there early, was quickly surrounded by media who fired questions on a wide variety of issues.
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European Union to adopt new air travel rules for liquids

Hopes standardization will avoid confusion
Members of the European Union and participating countries of Norway, Iceland and Switzerland, are expected to adopt standardized air travel security rules regarding liquids that can be taken on board the aircraft. The new rules will be effective November 6. It is hoped that the rules will avoid confusion and repacking of bags at the airport. The limitations won't be completely eliminated, but there will be more standardization in place. Despite the uniformity, each country will still be permitted to adopt its own set of rules and the rules when traveling from countries outside of the EU may be different.
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Whaling return deters Iceland tourists
U.K. tour operator, Discover The World, which operates whale-watching tours to Iceland reports a 25% drop in business over the past two weeks. The loss coincides with the Icelandic government's reintroduction of whaling. Iceland expects 400,000 tourists this year, 89,000 of whom will go whale watching. Discover The World estimates that its customers generate around 15m ($32.3m) for Iceland's economy, considerably less than the estimated 1m ($2.1m) total expected from whaling.
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